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Say Hello To Your Best Year

Welcome to Your Year

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The Ultimate Content Calendar

This Free Google Sheets template will help you become a blogging machine with an SEO strategy! Get it here.

3-Month Goal Planner Worksheet

Plan your goals and create an action plan with this free printable

Habit Tracker Spreadsheet

Plan your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to grow you business and reach your goals. Download the free template here.

Your Year Calendar

We launched Your Year with a simple mission – helping entrepreneurs reach their goals. 

It started with this calendar that I’ve had in my own office for the past few years! I plan out my quarterly goals, write them on the calendar, and hang it in my office. The calendar is BIG (the size of a full poster) to help give you daily reminders of what you’re trying to accomplish this quarter. 

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Full Business Planners and Signature Calendar

Check out our shop on Etsy for additional resources to help your business grow and stay focused! We sell marketing planners, blog planners, SEO guides, and more. 

Hi there!

I’m Rebecca, a marketer, blogger, and all-around adventurer. I’m here to help your business thrive! 

I started my own digital agency, Mint Metrics, over 8 years ago. Since then, I’ve had multiple side-hustles, including a blog that grew to over 100k sessions.

Now, I love helping other entrepreneurs & bloggers reach their dreams by sharing everything I’ve learned during my own entrepreneurial journey. 

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Discover the best tips & tricks to master digital marketing, grow your business, and reach your biggest goals this year!

Google Sheets Habit Tracker
Google Sheets Habit Tracker

Free Habit Tracker Template for Google Sheets Free Google Sheets Template to track your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. It's designed with a blogger or business owner in mind, but it's great for any goals that you want to, health, finance, and more!...

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